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Heal Clothing

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ARF - Athlete Recovery Fund

ATS Injury Data Tracking System

Macho Martial Arts

Turtle Press Martial Arts Publishing Company

Visit our Shopping Tab to see links to many interesting companies.  Every purchase made from our Shopping Page contributes to the funds used to provide low-cost and no-cost medical coverage for the events we work!

Thank you for supporting these companies which in turn support Bare Essentials Sports Medicine Programs.


  • Gift In Kind Donation                       See Wish/Needs List below
  • Monetary Donation                           Use PayPal Donation button on home page 
  • Elect your favorite staff                  
    • Donation will be made directly to staff member, or per your request
  • Supply Sponsorship                         See Wish/Needs List below
  • Equipment Sponsorship                  See Wish/Needs List below
  • One Event Sponsorship                  $500 - $ 10,000 (dependent on event size)
  • Meals for Staff                                   Request specific meal and event costs
  • Medical Staff Clothing                      $500 (event) - $5000 (season)
    •     Can directly donate clothing, request sizes
    •     Polo shirts, Button-up shirts, t-shirts (short &long sleeve), sweatshirts, jackets, snow gear, hats, shoe, etc
  • Student Internship                            $6000 per 6 month period
  • Travel/Airline Ticket  (for a specific event or organization)         
  • Housing/Hotel Costs (for event or organization)            
  • RV with equipment room in back for medical treatment area
    • Logo-wrapped, used to transport staff, supplies and equipment
  • Monthly per diem -- to help offset costs of providing free care to athletes
  • Volunteer Liability Insurance          $6000/year
      • Or any combination of the above packages

Supply and Equipment Wish and Need List


1 1/2” White Athletic Tape (use 100 cases/year)  

Pre-Wrap (use 10 cases/year)                                        

Quick Drying Adherent Spray (use 20 8 oz cans/year)

Heel-n-lace pads (use 4 boxes of 2000/year)                                          

Skin lube (small tubes, sticks/roll-ons, and large tubs)

2" & 3” Elastikon Tape (use 4 cases/year)                                                          

2” Elastic Tape (not Coban) (use 8 cases/year)                                       

3”, 4”, 6" & 6" Double-length Ace Wraps (use 6 doz of each/year))                      

Moleskin (use 1 large roll/year)                                                  

Leukotape & Cover-roll (1 of each)                    

Padded Aluminum Finger Splints (always needed)                                             

Betadine Solution & Betadine Swabsticks (always needed)         

Rubbing Alcohol Pads (always needed)

Alcohol Hand Cleanser (always needed

Sani-Cloth HB Wipes (large jars)

Flexi-Wrap (Plastic wrap -- use 12 rolls/year)      

Ice Bags (vegetable bag or 1-gallon size)                                                                      

Sterile Gauze & Non-sterile Gauze (always needed)        

Gauze Kling Roll

Second Skin Circles or Squares (use 2 jars/year)                                    

Steri-strips (all sizes always needed)                 

Bacitracin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment (individual packs, use lots)

Massage/Hand Lotion (fingertip jars)

Butt Paste or other Diaper Rash Cream (always needed)

Ethyl Chloride (spray cans)                                           

Adhesive bandages (fabric not plastic) – knuckles, 4-wings, 1", large, oval/spot (always need)       

Blood-clotting spray cans                                                         

Cotton-tipped applicators (always needed)

Tongue blades                                                             

Cotton rolls/nose plugs (always needed)

Latex Gloves (med & large) & Non-latex gloves             

Slings (children & adults)

Foam (1/4” & 1/2”) or Felt Padding, prefer Memory Foam (blue, ¼”)

Scalpels, various sizes and shapes


Biohazard sharps containers & bags

Penlights (always needed)                                            

Casting Materials (always needed)

Straight-leg brace/splint/immobilizer (always needed)                             

Sam splints (always needed)

Bandage Scissors (always needed, 7 ½” )

Tape cutters (always needed)

Fingernail & Toenail Clippers (always needed)

Digital thermometer with disposable coverslips

Saline solution (12 large bottles/year at least)                                        

Eye drops & Eye wash                         

Safety Pins                              

Blood pressure cuff (pediatric and adult)


Tampons & Maxi Pads             

Anti-diarrheal (tablets, liquid & chewables)

Cough Drops

Antacids (individual packets)

Acetaminophen (individual packets)

Ibuprofen (individual packets)

Glucose tablets (large jars or ind packs)

Robotussin Cough Suppressant

Table disinfectant and cleaner


Items that would nice to have but not necessities:

Adjustable Crutches


Air splints, Aircasts, Long bone splints, and other forms of braces or splinting

Backboard & Cervical collars

Electrical Muscle Stimulator or TENS Unit with disposable electrodes

Fanny packs for volunteers to use at event; backpacks for competition floor triage needs

Portable Taping, Chiropractic & Massage Tables with carry bags

Suture Kits and various sutures suitable for use on the face, in the mouth and on extremities

Ultrasound Unit or Ultra Sound/Muscle Stimulator Combo Unit

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Photos provided courtesy of :  Bill Waite Photography, Bill Spivey & Making Smiles Happen, Buddy Ramsey, Terry Mechalske & Freeze Frame Photography,  Master Jimmy Kim, Michael Tang, Susan Ryan & Custom Creations Photography  and lastly Trish Bare Grounds.  All images and photographs are either Trademark Registered or Copyright  protected on this site. All rights reserved.