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This page is dedicated to those who have touched our hearts and our lives forever.  Please check back often as this page will change as Bare Essentials Sports Medicine has a new dedication or need to show gratitude.
This website is dedicated to the constant memory of Aimee L. Gunnoe,
my best friend, my daughter’s Godmother, my partner in crime for the many
sports medicine endeavors I decided to undertake, and the one who kept me on
track when life wanted me to get lost.  Even though you left us all far too early in life, I thank God to have known you, to have worked with you and to have been the last person to hug you goodbye before you left the event that faithful night never to return home safely. 
The world will always be a better place because of the marks you made on
our lives and our hearts.

Trish Bare Grounds, Owner
Bare Essential Sports Medicine

Last photo taken the night of the accident

Aimee L Gunnoe, 1972 - 2002

Aimee was part of the Sports Medicine Staff from 1997 - 2002, dying in a fatal car crash as she returned home from working an event in Daytona Beach, FL


Wyatt and Heather

April 2005- June 2008

Sometimes we have an angel come into our lives who leaves us all too soon and we are left wondering why, and such is the case of my stepdaughter Heather's 3-year-old son Wyatt.  Wyatt left this world suddenly this summer after drowning in the backyard swimming pool while on his weekend visitation with his father, an accident that cannot be fixed.  Wyatt was an incredible little boy who brought so much joy and giggles to everyone but especially to his Momma.  Wyatt loved Sponge Bop, Shrek, Mater, and McQueen, horses and tractors, and his rubber boots, the pond, his new baby brother Wayland and life with all of its mysteries. 

Wyatt leaves behind an infant brother Wayland, Father Romel, Mother Heather & her fiance Tom, several sets of grandparents and great-grandparents, all who love him dearly. Wyatt was layed to rest in his favorite jeans and rubber boots overlooking a pond, one of his favorite places to see, with many friends and family there to say good-bye.

Wyatt left this world before being able to reach for many of his dreams, but for his parents, grandparents and those who knew him, he was an angel sent to Earth for a very short period of time, who blessed us all, and who will be missed until the end of time.  God bless you little angel, we will always love you, and we will see you again someday.



Dylan proudly wearing his autographed t-shirt with his master instructor Ed Rugh

Sometimes the athletes we work with and care for can frustrate us to no end, and yet other times their ability to go above and beyond what most people would do never ceases to amaze us, and make what we do all worth it.  These are not only extraodinary athletes we work with but extraordinary people, and we are honored to work with them and call them our family of friends.

At the 2006 USA Taekwondo Nationals I asked several very prominent USA National Team, World Champions, Olympic Medalists & Olympic Coaches to sign a shirt for a young taekwondo athlete named Dylan who is afflicted with a form of brain cancer which has been recurring. Dylan is a very good friend of one of our Sports Medicine Staff Members, and we all wanted to try to do something special for this very strong young man.  These athletes not only graciously  signed their names but also added words of inspiration to Dylan in his continued fight.  One of these athletes went so far as to donate his gold medal he had just won at Nationals and autographed his certificate of participation for Dylan as well.  You all know who you are, and I hope you realize that this single act of kindness made an entire Medical Team smile from their hearts and one young man overjoyed at your kindness! Thank you, your actions will be remembered always.

UPDATE:  Dylan has just informed us that the brain tumors are now in remission!!!!!!!  02/10/07



Bare Essentials Sports Medicine is very proud that we have several of our Sports Medicine Team Members who proudly serve in the United States Armed Forces.  Unfortunately we occassionally we have to watch as they go off to war as part of their service to our country. Such is the case with one of our most dedicated Physical Therapist/Certified Athletic Trainers, Major Tony Bare, better known as Major Pain. Tony leaves for Iraq just after his birthday and the Christmas holidays and will be gone from his family for the next year. He will be in our hearts and prayers, and dearly missed throughout the year.  We ask that you also join us in supporting Major Pain as he goes to the other side of the world for the next year, along with the rest of the men and women of the US Armed Forces, praying for their safe and speedy return home.

UPDATE: Both Major Tony Bare & Jaime Houston (sorry Jaime I forget what your rank is!) are now Stateside.....Welcome Home!  And God Bless You & Your Family for Your Service and Dedication to our Country.  And now Major Pain will be known as Lt Col Bare as he has acquired his next rank, congratulations!    Updated 07/28/08


We now are proud to announce one of our very special taekwondo athletes who has proceeded towards her degree in athletic training has joined the US Navy to serve her country, Ms. Jaime Houston.  Jaime last visited us at the USA Taekwondo National Qualifier in Dallas, TX, but has since deployed to the war in Iraq for the next year.  Our hearts and prayers are with Jaime and the rest of the crew for their safe return home upon completion of this mission.  Jaime don't think this will get you out of working events for very long!  Ask Major Pain!  We love you you both and are sooooooooooooo very proud!


Photos provided courtesy of :  Bill Waite Photography, Bill Spivey & Making Smiles Happen, Buddy Ramsey, Terry Mechalske & Freeze Frame Photography,  Master Jimmy Kim, Michael Tang, Susan Ryan & Custom Creations Photography  and lastly Trish Bare Grounds.  All images and photographs are either Trademark Registered or Copyright  protected on this site. All rights reserved.