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Tim showing his stretching skills
US Sr Nationals - Taekwondo 2007

Christy, Sherri & Randy in San Jose 2007
2007 USA Taekwondo Jr & Sr Nationals

The Bare Essentials Sports Medicine Staff is a quite humble and often camera shy group, but we try to get images of them and pass them along on this page as well as our photo page.  If you have any you would like to add, send them to us!

2007 US Open Taekwondo Championships, Orlando, FL


2002 US Open Taekwondo Championships, Orlando, FL

Dr. Santos Martinez & Trish

"Major Pain" aka Major Tony Bare

Our multidiscipline Sports Medicine Staff  comes from many walks of life, each with their own specialty that contributes to the care of your athletes. Many of our Sports Medicine Staff work with professional athletes, while others focus on pre-adolescent and adolescent sport health care, and others care for specific sports at all ages.  Some focus on outdoor winter sports, while others on indoor, many work traditional sports, others non-traditional, and most work the entire spectrum of sports. Bare Essentials Sports Medicine does their best to match up Sports Medicine Staff members most familiar with your sporting event and age group.

Students turned ATC's Rock!
Even Ryan Hipp came back to help out

Our students return as ATC's!
Melissa Casebolt, US Open 2007

Sheri has more letters after her name than in it!
Sheri Walters, PT, ATC, LMT, CSCS...what's next?...DPT!

Some of our staff started out as student volunteers in high school or college and we have had the pleasure of watching them learn, grow and come into their own over the years, some taking on several varied degrees in the allied health care field, while others have gone off to medical school.  We are very proud of the fact that they keep coming back to contribute to our Multidisciplined Sports Medicine Crew.

Jennifer Louie Pejo, student to ATC to athlete
Jen competes in USA Weightlifting events these days!

Some of our staff are athletes in their own right, and some become athletes after joining our Sports Medicine Staff due to the inspiration they get from working with such amazing athletes. Some of our athletes go off to seek  degrees in the medical field simply from the care they have received from the Bare Essentials Sports Medicine Team.  We try to draw all of them back into the Sports Medicine Staff as a way to give back to the sport and/or profession they love so much.

All athletes, all medical personnel
Jason Han (PT/taekwondo), Linda Buell (Medic/Taekwondo) & Jen Pejo (ATC/Weightlifting)


Bare Essentials Sports Medicine encourages high school, college, graduate & medical school students to become part of our diversified team.  It gives students as well as the professionals a chance to learn from "picking each others brains" and looking at things from a totally different perspective or field of study. Many of these students have little to no access to some of the medical specialities that are part of the Bare Essentials Sports Medicine  Multi-Disciplined Medical Team, or the sports covered by the Sports Medicine Team. Bare Essentials Sports Medicine provides an excellent hands on experience like none other, creating a better medical professional and Sports Medicine Team for all.



Ice, ice, and more ice, that's our motto!

2007 USA Taekwondo Jr & Sr Nationals, San Jose, CA

Some of the BESM Staff have been working for years as part of our staff, while others are welcome new additions....and then there are those who keep coming back after being on hiatus for a year or so before we drag them back in.  One thing that is incredible about this group is everyone feels like family and gels well together even after time apart, as egos are not a common characteristic of our personnel.

Bill Spivey, Medical Person of Nationals
Bill Spivey, Olympic Coach Jean Lopez & World Champion & Olympic Silver Medalist Mark Lopez

We often have the pleasure of meeting athletes whom we know will be great athletes "someday".  Like a proud parent we all share great joy when that dream is truly achieved as an athlete and even further when an acceptional athlete becomes an extraordinary coach or game/sport official.

Bill ready to go diving in Alaskan waters in January!

Olivia Bare Grounds at work, Anaheim, CA, 2006

The Princesses
Stacey Quinn, Olivia Bare Grounds & Linda Buell

Olivia wears everyone out....even Matt! Nice pillow he is!

Bare Essentials Sports Medicine encourages organizations under our care to provide recognition of those Sports Medicine personnel which they believe stood out above everyone else for an event or even for a season, and publicly honor them with awards, gifts or a simple thank you for their service.

Dr. William "Buddy" Ramsey
They start young so we cover events of all ages!

Sometimes we even drag our own children into the business!  Watch for them at tournaments!

Kate Spivey going to work in Portland, OR, 2006

Click on Bill's face to view his website

Check out Bill's site, as he tends to take the worst pictures of all of us!  But he does have some great sunset photos.....

Medical staff tries to contain Olivia's energy.....NOT!


Photos provided courtesy of :  Bill Waite Photography, Bill Spivey & Making Smiles Happen, Buddy Ramsey, Terry Mechalske & Freeze Frame Photography,  Master Jimmy Kim, Michael Tang, Susan Ryan & Custom Creations Photography  and lastly Trish Bare Grounds.  All images and photographs are either Trademark Registered or Copyright  protected on this site. All rights reserved.