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Background information on Owner,
Trish Bare Grounds

Drew Bezanson 2008 Dew Tour/Playstation Best Trick

Trish with 2000 Olympic Qualifier Jason Torres

1999 World Championships, Edmonton, Canada
Trish with 2000 Olympian Kay Poe

Trish with one of the many AT Interns, Stephanie

Trish Bare Grounds is a Certified Athletic Trainer (nationally certified by the Board of Certification) and Licensed by the State of Florida Allied Health Professions, as well as Licensed by the Medical Board of the State of Pennsylvania, the Nevada State Board of Athletic Trainers, North Carolina Board of Athletic Trainer Examiners, and the South Carolina Board of Emergency Medicine Athletic Trainers Advisory Committee, plus registered with the Colorado State Board of Athletic Trainers .  Trish is a Doctoral Candidate from the University of Florida preparing to defend her doctoral dissertation in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training on the "The Biomechanical Analysis of Forces from Kicks to the Head in the Sport of Taekwondo and the Head Injuries Sustained".

1999 Olympic Qualification Tournament, Croatia


1999 World Championships, Edmonton, Canada
Trish with Bronze Medalist Josh Coleman

Trish Bare Grounds is an accomplished Certified Athletic Trainer in her own right, as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), published author, classroom instructor, and researcher.  Trish has received honors from the National Cheerleader's Association & National Dance Alliance ®as Athletic Trainer of the Year every year for the past 15 years.  Trish also has been honored in 2007 with the prestigous National Athletic Trainer's Association Service Award.  Trish has been the USTU, USA Taekwondo & National Collegiate Taekwondo Association's Medical Committee Chairman since 1994, where she has been honored with recognition for her contributions numerous times. Trish also proudly became the Medical Director in 2006 for AAU Taekwondo National Championships, hoping for many continued years of service.

2000 Olympians, Taekwondo, Sydney, Australia
Steven Lopez, Trish, Barbara Kunkel & Kay Poe

Trish travels to the training sites and camps of many action sports in order to provide no cost injury care & injury prevention care for the many talented athletes who live and/or train there. These are the same athletes for which she travels across the USA & around the world to provide athlete and injury care management at various events every year often at her own expense.
Trish has worked with numerous high level sports including: Division I Sports at the University of Miami ®; the first training site for the inaugural season of  Major League Soccer ® at Lynn University; post-season training site for the Miami Heat ® and Cleveland Cavaliers®; numerous Olympic sports from taekwondo and judo to gymnastics, fencing and weightlifting; and the professional athletes in the various action sports tours/competitons as well as more traditional sports organizations  including PGA & LPGA, MLS, MLB, NBA & NFL athletes.

Trish also works with Parlympic and disabled sports athletes from amateur, collegiate and professional teams, with their unique needs for such sports as wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis and roadracing.

2006 Pan Am Championships, Cali, Columbia
2006 USA Taekwondo National Team

Interviews with Trish in Industry Magazines:



Pretty Tough Magazine

FAT BMX Interview of Josh Perry

Trish's Daughter Olivia
Olivia & Brennan 2007

Olivia & Gretchen Sheckler
Olivia gets to meet all kinds of cool people!

Trish Bare Grounds has worked with many varied athletic teams and individual athletes, both nationally within the USA & internationally on just about every continent of the world. Athletes have ranged in age and ability from pee wees to high school, collegiate, senior, Olympic, semi-pro and professional sports, including the following:

  • Archery (Paralympic & Olympic)
  • Badminton (Olympic)
  • Baseball (t-ball, middle school/high school, collegiate & professional)
  • Basketball (amateur, high school, collegiate & professional)
  • BMX (amateur & professional: dirt, flatland, mega ramp/Big Air, miniramp, park, street, superpark & vert, supercross racing)
  • Boxing (amateur)
  • Cheerleading/Mascots/Majorettes (all star, mini's/pee wee's, jr/sr high school & collegiate)
  • Cycling (amateur, Olympic & professional)
  • Dance (pre-adolescent through collegiate: ballet, pointe, lyrical, ballroom, funk, hip-hop, kick, pom, tap, jazz)
  • Diving (high school, collegiate & Olympic)
  • Equestrian (Olympic, amateur & professional: western show, trail, jump, Steeple Chase & English Dressage, seasoned rider/competitor herself)
  • Fencing (Olympic)
  • Field Hockey (collegiate)
  • Figure Skating (Olympic)
  • Football (amateur, high school, collegiate Div I, II & III, semi-pro & professional)
  • Free-style Motocross (amateur & professional)
  • Golf (amateur, collegiate & professional – PGA & LPGA Players)
  • Gymnastics/Rhythmic Gymnastics (amateur, collegiate & Olympic)
  • Handball (Olympic)
  • Ice Hockey (collegiate)
  • Judo (Olympic)
  • MMA/Kickboxing (amateur & professional)
  • Motocross Racing (amateur: preschool to adult; & professional)
  • Rugby (collegiate)
  • Sailing (Olympic)
  • Shooting (Olympic)
  • Skateboard (amateur & professional: bowl,megaramp/Big Air, park, street & vert)
  • Skiing (amateur, Olympic & Pro Snow: Downhill, Cross Country, Freestyle (pipe, rail & slope, Paralympic/Blind Cross Country, Moguls)
  • Snowboarding (amateur, Olympic & professional: pipe, rail & slope)
  • Soccer (youth, amateur, high school travel teams, collegiate & professional)
  • Softball (amateur, high school & collegiate)
  • Swimming (amateur, high school, collegiate and Olympic)
  • Taekwondo/Martial Arts (amateur & Olympic: preschool through senior adults; poomse, boardbreaking, point sparring , Olympic style sparring & Weapons)
  • Tennis (amateur, high school, collegiate & professional)
  • Track & Field/Cross Country (high school, collegiate, Paralympic & Olympic)
  • Volleyball (high school, collegiate & Olympic)
  • Wakeboard & Water Skiing (amateur, Olympic & professional)
  • Weightlifting (middle school, high school, collegiate & Olympic)
  • Wheelchair Basketball (amateur, collegiate & professional)
  • Wheelchair Tennis (amateur, Paralympic & professional)
  • Wrestling (high school, collegiate & Olympic)

Getting a bit cheesy with Kelsey at Cheer Event 2008

West Palm Beach Tropics, Senior Pro Baseball
Trish with Tito Landrum of the St. Louis Cardinals


Jr World Taekwondo Championships, Istanbul,Turkey
Trish & Sinaz Shabazi




Olivia & her Biggest Fan, Trish


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