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3 Jun 08

New News!

Well, it has been months since we have posted as the "busy season" is in full swing!  We have now completed the USA Taekwondo Qualifier Season, USAT State competitions are almost complete, AAU States are almost complete, both NCTA Season & NCA/NDA Event Seasons have concluded and we are headed into the National Event Season for both USA Taekwondo & AAU Taekwondo, Camp Season for many sports, plus the Dew Tour kicks off once again this month!  Whew!

Bare Essentials Sports Medicine is happy to now be assisting the Action Sports Medicine Foundation (ASMF) in recruiting volunteers for their amateur and professional motocross events.  Scroll to the bottom of this home page and click on their logo for more information on events and check out the our Events page for the events that Bare Essentials Staff have committed to assisting with this year.  ASMF supports action sports events of all kinds all year long so they are ALWAYS in need of volunteers!

We have also added a new dimension to our tournament schedule with the addition of the TKD at Sea Elite Taekwondo Event on Carnival Cruise Lines. Click on their logo at the bottom of this home page for more information. It looks to be a very fun and exciting new event that we are proud to be a part of.

Bare Essentials wants to welcome home Major Tony Bare from his 15-month tour of duty with the US Army in Afghanistan!!!  Tony is getting use to being home again and will rejoin our team for USA Taekwondo Nationals.  Yeah!!  We would also like to welcome home another one of our athletes turned student trainer, Jamie Houston, back from her 12-month tour of duty with the US Navy. Hopefully we get her out to events again soon!

Bare Essentials wants to congratulate one of our ATC's, Kelly Buchanan, who after spending her last rotation working with Trish & Bare Essentials Sports Medicine for the month of April, just graduated from Case Western Reserve Medical School. We are sooo proud of you!  Kelly is off to to do her residency in Las Vegas in the Emergency Room, but we will still be dragging her out for periodic events (she doesn't get away from us that easy!).  CONGRATULATIONS!

Bare Essentials wants to congratulate another of our ATC's, Jonathan Lawrence, who just completed his first year of medical school at Mercer University. Yeah Jonathan! We were so happy to drag Jonathan out for the FL State Taekwondo Championships this year even with his hectic first year schedule.

Bare Essentials Sports Medicine would also like to congratulate another of our ATC's who took a job this year working for Cirque Du Soleil in Macau, China.  Unfortunately for us we lose him for at least 2 years but we are so very proud of him!  Good Luck Erick!

LASTLY, WE ARE LOOKING FOR ADDITONAL SPONSORS AND DONATIONS TO ENABLE US TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE LOW COST AND EVEN FREE MEDICAL COVERAGE FOR EVENTS, COMPETITIONS AND CAMPS.  Please help out!  You can make a donation using the PayPal button at the bottom of this home page or contact us directly for a more detailed sponsorship package.  We have a lot of expensive needs this year to continue on our mission to provide high level inexpensive medical care for athletic events.  We need to purchase a small trailer to transport the equipment and supplies from event to event, contact us if you are interested in helping us to make such a purchase.

3 jun 08 @ 8:34 am cdt 

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Bare Essentials Sports Medicine provides a method to arrange for professional & licensed health care coverage for camps, competition, and special events.  The Sports Medicine Team is constructed according to the needs of the sporting event, their budget and the participants involved, and is comprised of some of the best medical professionals in their field of expertise.  Bare Essentials Sports Medicine draws from a pool of highly-qualified Certified & Licensed Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Nurses, Physicians (of all specialties), Physician Assistants and Paramedics, as well as highly-educated students in the medical and allied health care fields for a minimal cost to the event, and in some cases no cost for first time events and charity events.  Everything from arranging for staffing of medical personnel, travel, supplies and equipment are handled as part of the package.


Help Bare Essentials Sports Medicine to provide Volunteer/Free Services for non-profit organizations who cannot afford the costs of hiring medical personnel; or contribute to help better the equipment and supplies used by the Sports Medicine Team for these events.  A letter for tax purposes will be provided for all donations, whether for a cash or gift-in-kind gift if an address of donator is included with the donation (under "ship to address"). 







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Help out those athletes in the action sports world who have suffered from catastrophic injury by visiting the Athlete Recovery Fund and making a donation today!

Click the ARF logo to visit their website and get more information on this incredible organization.


ARF is now a proud sponsor of Bare Essentials Sports Medicine, helping to support our efforts and dreams of providing quality healthcare to all pro action sports athletes starting with bmx.  We are so excited, proud and honored to be supported by this incredible organization.  Please donate to them today and show your support of pro action sports athletes and their need for quality healthcare. Click on their logo or go to today!


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